Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Case of the Triplicate Sus/zanne Williamses!

Prepare to be confused! It turns out there are three childrens' writers out there with very similar names:
Suzanne Williams (http:/
Suzanne Morgan Williams (http:/
and me (http:/ or http:/

Have fun sorting us out! We are all fabulous writers (of course!) and very different personalities. Unfortunately we live in far flung parts of the country, but I have a feeling that the fates will bring us together some day! You can tell us apart by calling us Suzanne, Suzy, and Susan respectively! Does that help?

I hated my name when I was a kid because I couldn't say it! I had a wicked lisp. It was embarassing to introduce myself as Thuthy Williamth. I wish I knew how to find my speech therapist to thank her!

I've been finding that if I roll out of bed in the morning and stagger to my desk (where my angel of a husband brings me a cup of coffee) I can get an hour or so in on my WIP (work in progress)before breakfast. I am not so tempted to check email and I think my brain is still partly in a creative, dream-state mode. Then whatever happens the rest of the day, at least I have that much to feel good about.

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