Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Thousand Cranes for Japan

Whitesville New York, Girl Scout Troop 76 Origami Crane Challenge

When the five scouts in Troop 76 heard about the March 11th earthquake and tsunami in Japan, they were especially concerned as they had recently represented Japan at their International Thinking Day celebration. As part of their study of traditional Japanese culture, they learned to fold paper cranes. The day of the quake in fact, they hosted a tea party where they taught girls from another troop how to fold cranes.

The policy that prohibits Girls Scouts from raising money for other organizations has temporarily been suspended in order that Girl Scouts can support the relief efforts. Our girls learned that Japanese Girl Scouts folded and sent thousands of paper cranes to New York to show their goodwill and sympathy after the 9/11 attacks. In Japan, strings of a thousand paper cranes senbazuru are often given as wedding or baby gifts. The crane, said to live for a thousand years, is symbolic of good luck, hope and world peace.

After discussing the logistics of mailing 1000 paper cranes to Japan, the girls decided that they will fold a thousand cranes, but rather than sending them, will sell the cranes for one dollar each and send a check, along with a picture of themselves, with the cranes they have folded. Others wishing to donate can make checks payable to Girl Scouts of the USA-Fund Development, PO Box 5046, NY, NY (Memo: Girl Scouts of Japan relief efforts). Those wishing to send cranes can send them to: USAGSO-West Pacific, HQ USARJ/9th TSC, Unit 45005, APO, AP 96343-5005. Directions for folding origami paper cranes can be found on YouTubeVideos. Anyone who would like to help Troop 76 meet their goal, either by folding or purchasing cranes, can contact Sue Beckhorn at 607-356-3154, or Marsha Van Vlack at 607-356-3414.

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