Tuesday, February 3, 2009

February 3, 2009


I'm blogging, or is it slogging, clogging, logging, flogging, hogging, snogging . . . ? How much difference a couple of letters make in meaning. Just back from SCBWI Mid-winter- Manhattan (exciting and fun as always) and trying to get back into the groove with a list of to-dos for the day that fills up both sides of an entire index card. So far I've written one TQ note, filed my trove of new used books from Uncle Gordon's magic shop (D'Aulaire's Don't Count Your Chickens, Ernest Thompson Seton's The Arctic Prairies, and a few other gems), checked on what the heck it was that I said to the last agent I submitted material to, and now am actually working on "having more of an online presence" as advised by the bright, young Claudia Gabel (newly laid-off from Random House). She cheerfully told us that the good news is she has a cute boyfriend. She is pretty cute herself in all senses, new and old, of the word, so hopefully will soon be back in the publishing world, gainfully employed. Ah, so much to read and so little time . . . Richard Peck says, "We write by the light of every book we ever read . . ." Also, so much to write and so little time. Hello to all my writer/reader friends! I feel a bit intimidated with free-styling my thoughts into words pasted up for all the world to see, without a whole hell of a lot of revising. I hope there is a way to erase asinine statements! Guess this ignorant old-timer will find out all in good time. I need to go check off a few things at least on my day's list! Cheers!

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