Friday, February 6, 2009

Writing exercises and soap

I woke up a bit groggy this morning after getting home at midnight from my RACWI meeting (Rochester Area Children's Writers and Illustrator's). Sibby Falk did a great job leading us through some writing exercises. I'll bet her students really like her! We started with five things we are grateful for. Mine:

1. An idea that wakes me at five in the morning--complete with melody.
2. Crowds of winter birds at my feeder.
3. Phone calls from my kids.
4. Back rubs from my husband.
5. Two dogs and three cats surrounding me on the bed as I read and sip my a.m. coffee (brought to me by same wonderful husband).

A lot of us found writing the same line of dialog from four different points of view enlightening. (Kid, teen, adult, senior)

As I reached for the bar of soap this morning I thought about eccentricities. One of mine is that I love to use up a bar of soap. I can't throw away the sliver! I have to use it until it's gone like the moon! Then it's like a present to unwrap a beautiful new bar of soap. I especially love glycerin soap in natural fragrances. My great grandmother used to save all the slivers, soak them into a glob in a pan, let it harden and then cut into bars again. How thrifty! Of course she made her own soap. I remember the chunky yellow bars which we used at the camp in New Hampshire especially for washing after getting into poison ivy.

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